What are two examples of non-financial information? (2024)

What are two examples of non-financial information?

Non-financial data, such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, social impact, environmental footprint, and innovation

Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services. ISO TC 279 in the standard ISO 56000:2020 defines innovation as "a new or changed entity, realizing or redistributing value".
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, can provide additional insights and context to the financial analysis.

What is a non-financial information?

Non-financial data can include any type of data reported by the company, other than their finances. Factors like organizational culture or the company's environmental impact are both examples of non-financial data. The National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights defines non-financial data as.

What is an example of a non-financial record?

Non-Financial Records means the non-financial records of the Corporate Group, including formulas, plans, specifications, data, surveys, contracts and non-financial documents; business, engineering and consulting reports; research and development information, including information relating to Nu-Trax, results and data ...

What are non-financial issues?

1 Non-financial factors examples

They may include environmental, social, ethical, strategic, or competitive considerations that may have a positive or negative impact on the company's performance, reputation, or stakeholders.

What is an example of a non-financial KPI?

Some examples of non-financial KPIs that can be measured are: Customer satisfaction: How satisfied the customers are with the quality of service or products provided by the company. Employee engagement: Identifying the level of commitment and enthusiasm that employees have towards their work and the company.

What is financial and non-financial with examples?

The financial account is the account of Financial Assets (such as loans, shares, or pension funds). The non-financial account deals with all the transactions that are not in financial assets, such as Output, Tax, Consumer Spending and Investment in Fixed Assets.

What are non-financial sources?

Non-financial non-produced assets consist of natural resources (e.g. land, mineral and energy reserves, non-cultivated biological resources such as virgin forest, water resources, radio spectra and others), contracts, leases and licences as well as goodwill and marketing assets.

What are the non-financial items?

non-financial assets. Definition English: An asset with a physical value such as real estate, equipment, machinery, gold or oil. For example, gold is considered a nonfinancial asset because it has inherent value based on its use in jewelry, electronics, dentistry, ornamentation and historically as currency.

What are the types of non-financial transactions?

A nonmonetary transaction includes the exchange of goods or services without actual money changing hands. Nonmonetary transactions include in-kind or barter exchanges, and can be unidirectional (nothing is given in return) or reciprocal (something traded in return).

What is financial and non-financial information?

A financial information is a formal record of the financial activities of a business, person, or other entity. Relevant financial information is presented in a structured manner and in a form easy to understand. Non-financial information is performing an increasingly important role in accounting.

What is non-financial risk with example?

Examples of non-financial risks include operational risk, third party risk, cyber risk, reputational risk, conduct risk, regulatory risk, and compliance risk.

What is a list of non-financial liability?

Non-financial liabilities may also denote liabilities that do not arise from financial transactions. Examples of such liabilities include liabilities to employees, tax liabilities, social security payables, employers' liability insurance premiums, etc.

Which of the following is an example of a non-financial objective?

Non-financial aims and objectives are those that are related to areas such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and environmental sustainability. They focus on the broader impact a company has on society and the world around it.

Which of the following is a non-financial indicator?

Outcome-based measures such as customer satisfaction, market share, category ownership, and new product adoption rate fall into the non-financial metrics.

Which of the following is an example of a nonfinancial measure?

Answer and Explanation:

Accordingly, a non-financial measures are performance indicators like units scrapped, setup time, customer satisfaction, service quality, and lead time are all non-financial measures.

What is non-financial information in strategic report?

(1) The non-financial information statement must contain information, to the extent necessary for an understanding of the company's development, performance and position and the impact of its activity, relating to, as a minimum: (a) environmental matters (including the impact of the company's business on the ...

What are non-financial business examples?

Non-Financial Corporations are for-profit entities, that is market entities. For example, charities providing accommodation for the homeless below market prices are Non-Profit Institutions Serving Households, while hostels and hotels that are providing a similar service at market prices are Non-Financial Corporations.

What is an example of a non-financial audit?

Examples of non-financial information include: The proper use of sponsorship. Auditing practices (e.g. compliance with directives or contractual provisions) Environmental concerns (e.g. emissions, energy consumption, etc.)

What are the examples of financial and non financial risk?

Credit risk, market risk, and liquidity risk are classified as financial risks. Model risk, solvency risk, tail risk, operation risk, and legal risk are examples of non-financial risk.

What is an example of a non financial cost?

Non-financial cost drivers are the ones that are indirectly related to the monetary value, but still affect the cost behavior and performance, such as defect rates, customer complaints, or energy consumption.

What are examples of non money financial assets?

Non-monetary assets are not readily converted into a fixed amount of money in the short term. They include property, plant, and equipment (PP&E), goodwill, patents, and copyrights.

What is not a non-financial transaction?

Non-financial transactions(NFTs) involve no transfer of funds between accounts. Change of user details, balance inquiry, mini statement printing, PIN change and cheque book request are the NFTs at ATM. Financial transactions involve transfer of funds between accounts.

What is an example of a non transaction?

Types of non-transaction accounts

Examples include term deposits such as CDs and bonds, which reach maturity at a certain date. Retirement investment accounts such as IRAs are designed for retirement savings, not transactions.

What is meant by non-financial transaction?

Non-Financial Transaction: means any transaction made by the Customer with the Bank which does not cause movement of funds or affect the balance(s) in the Account(s), whether initiated manually, automatically, electronically or remotely transmitted to the Bank via channels made available by the Bank or transmitted via ...

What are two types of financial information?

The three main types of financial statements are the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement. These three statements together show the assets and liabilities of a business, its revenues, and costs, as well as its cash flows from operating, investing, and financing activities.


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